Supreme Planet- A solo show by Deidre Bush

I’m so happy to announce that my first solo show will be this May-June:

The human race has been nearly eradicated by a superior race of viruses, bacteria, and robots. 

The only remaining human survivors are damned to be hunted by these vile creatures who harvest the human blood and organs for vitality. 

Meanwhile, on a nearby planet, a humanoid being is banished for unforgivable crimes, thrown down to the curious dystopia, finding herself in a fight for survival. 

She encounters a mysterious group that call themselves the Oracles seem to be immune to this newly supreme race…but are they fortunate survivors or delirious tyrants?

Supreme planet explores modern dystopian themes while integrating natural forms with recent technologies.

I imagined how technology could collaborate with nature to create a supreme race that would surpass human intelligence and physicality.

For many pieces in this show, I have used a field guide format to create a visual guide to some of the creatures that may live on this new “Supreme Planet.”



I hope anyone in the area will be able to attend this show. It means a lot to me and it will also be my last show of newer works for this year!


Thank you!


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